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YANG LEE from his show-room by Taque. Hirakawa. “019 S/S Paris Collections;

YANG LEE,he had opened the his window by himself.
The wind that is felt there is light and simple that a kind of new minimalism for the street

I say that women's clothing is a category of costumes and men's clothing is a category
of uniforms. Costumes are historical and ethnic, and there are stage costumes.
It is a reality of the era of the present age that the sense of stage costume in the daily life
conscious of the instagram has become potentially necessary for the daily life of a modern
Poetic kindness and simplicity, and above all comfort and a sense of protecting
ourselves are elements that attract attention to their stage costumes.

It is already the end of the era when fashion is made with a one-sided look from the
maker. How do you feel the reality of the times and design the cuteness and beauty of
women who were in that age? I think that the feeling like "May I help you by my
collection?" Is an inevitable era for contemporary designers.
And since clothes are also things, please evolve with the times.
It will create a sense of freshness.
It is something that has been selling from now and it was evolved by material and pattern
making, also balance of silhouette & volumes.
For example,
Speaking of why shoes sell well is because there is evident visual evidence there.

“The world of Couturier in the mode is stagnant in elegance and can be decorative.
However, the design of the prêt-à-porte is a flow, "evolution" is the backbone.
This flow is "periodicity", evolution is "newness".
In other words, how is "Objects" always related to people of that era as well?
And what can we contribute to the society of the new era?
This is the foundation of designing and it may be a difference from the art world. "
By Taque.Hirakawa: At the Show-room in “no season” in Paris on 26th.Sep.

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