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Looking at the luxury of Paris that I had nurtured for 35 years.

“THe Elegance quality begins to change.“

Mr. K. L. passed away and the "mode elegance" of this town is also more and more,
like a "gold plating" is starting to walk alone swinging to start at Paris.
It will be a business priority this season with a classical atmosphere.
Surely, the trend theme is "The Cinema".
How does they playwith the real Luxury in this frame?
I have seen only a few shows on the second day, but it will be easy to understand.
Because it is such an era, let's say "The LUXURY" from each reality I'd like to see!!
The modern luxury is already not like a ”Picturesque“ anymore.
But this town also needs such a luxurious luxury to attract new customers.

I remain strongly impressed,
Kawakubo's last season's elegance created by the spirit and curiosity towards
another now if you see such reality in this town.
I understand that her "The LUXURY" is completely different from the stage
which is comparable.

Thanks a lot.
Taque.HIRAKAWA/26th. Feb.’19:

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